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Saturday, 23 April 2016


Overheard on the Manchester to Hadfield train:

1. Sorry love, do you want to sit down?
2. No, no thats ok
1. Are you sure!? You probably should be sitting down in your condition
1. Oh God..... Nothing!.... I.... um, never mind

Monday, 18 April 2016

Anything for a pint of Grolsch

Overheard in a Deansgate Newsagents:

1. Oh my god I think I'm still p***ed from Saturday, not gonna make it through work today
2. Where'd you end up going?
1. Canal Street, he said he hadn't before as he was scared, he bloody loved it though - he got bought drinks, had his bum grabbed and spent half an hour talking to a drag queen about construction
2. He's not gay though!?
1. Please, he'll do anything for a pint of Grolsch

Saturday, 16 April 2016

At least your clothes don't stink

Overheard on Deansgate:

1. I hate the smoking ban
2. I didn't know you smoked?
1. I don't - the bars used to smell like fags, now it's just the smell of farts and regret
2. Nice!

Friday, 15 April 2016

Well Obviously!

Mother to child overheard at Manchester Piccadilly Station:

"Of course we're middle class darling, we listen to Radio 4!"

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

No it's not a Bumcake! - Part 1

Well It's that time of year - in the past few weeks the freshers have arrived and the other students have all returned, and after weeks of hitting the books bars are probably a bit confused about some of the things they've heard/come across in that there Manchester.

But no fear! Overheard in Manchester is here to help you get acclimatized - here's part 1 with some of the essentials, Part 2 will be here shortly:

1. Barm Cake a.ka. Bun, Bap (Kob in certain parts of Yorkshire)

You've probably been stood in the queue at Greggs and thought you've heard someone ordering a 'bumcake' but no - picture this you're running to a lecture/work and need a breakfast, get yourself to Greggs/Pound Bakery/Uni Canteen for a Bacon Barm (bacon roll in other parts of the world) though the Barms are clearly better than rolls, wider, flatter (you can fit more bacon in them!)

Also chip barms might sound a bit weird, but they are amazing!

2. Chips and Gravy

Staying on the subject of food, this is a very controversial one - if you're from anywhere North of Birmingham you probably know and love this already, anyone else - the thought of this will probably curdle your stomach as if you were having Banana's with HP Sauce, just try it and if you hate it try not to bring it up in conversation unless you want a long debate about it!

3. Our Kid

You're probably thinking that your 19yr old lab technician at Uni has about 16 kids and should probably be on the Jeremy Kyle Show (which incidentally is filmed over in MediaCity, have a look at to bagsy yourself some tickets, it's free), but no in Manchester is someone says 'I was down the Locks with Our Kid' it's usually an affectionate term for his younger brother or sister (or in many cases just a close mate).

4. Dinner

You'd think that this would be an easy one, but no! If someone says they are 'going on there dinner' in Manchester, it generally means they are going for lunch, and tea is not just a beverage brewed from a bag it's actually your evening meal (or dinner as other people call it!).

5. Brew

Easy One - Anyone fancy a brew (cup of tea, and the answer is always yes of course!)

6.  Mint


7. Scally

Yep, bit like a Chav I suppose but unique to Manchester, the usual definition is 'working class youth who adopts a street fashion of branded sportswear, usually with a big dangly chain, hoodie and baseball cap' (usually spotted outside Wetherspoons in Picadilly Gardens).

Lots of Steretypes (including all of the above definitions), and everyone's got their own one - you'll be hearing this word a LOT in Manchester.

8. A Red or a Blue

Pretty self explanatory - Manchester United Fan or Manchester City Fan (Man City also known as Citeh)

9. Met

The Tram - aka Metrolink (never the tube!) usage 'Have you heard, you can get the Met over to City Ground now to watch the Blues'

10. Bobbins

Rubbish, a bit cr*p - 'Went down to Platt Fields to see the Fireworks and couldn't get in, it was well bobbins'

That's it for Part 1 - Part 2 will be here soon! Got anything you'd like to add? Use the comments section below!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Love Never Felt So Dead

Overheard in a Bolton Office:

1. When did Real change to Heart, I love this one!
2. Is that Michael Jackson?
1. Yeah it's his new one, he's so much better since he's been dead..... You know what I mean!

Waka Waka This Times for Manchester

Overheard at St. Peter's Square Metrolink:

1. Why's it so busy - is it cos the World Cups on?
2. Really?! Yes Mum the Brazil World Cup's in Old Trafford this year!